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how to flawlessly renovate your kitchen

Home renovations can be extremely frustrating for home owners. We hear it all the time from our clients and friends. Not only can a kitchen renovation be expensive, but it also requires you to make a lot of tough decisions, and can be filled with surprises. We've created a checklist below of what you can do to prepare yourself for your new kitchen!

Westport Modern (2019)

Kitchen Renovation Checklist:

1.) Start with a budget and timeline. Keep in mind that this will be a starting point and the budget may need to be adjusted after meeting with your contractor.

2.) Don't have a contractor? The next step is to meet with contractors and get itemized proposals from them. It is important to use someone you know and trust or someone you have been referred to. Do your research! Once you know you're working with a qualified contractor they can help you make selections or connect you with a designer. The contractor should stay closely involved to the selection process so that items and materials can be approved with no surprise additional costs down the road.

Another angle of our Westport Modern project. (2019)

3.) Set goals and prioritize. its important for everyone working on your kitchen to know what is most important to you. We guide our clients to our Instagram page, Houzz, and Pinterest for inspiration when making final selections.

4.) Order ahead of time and wait for everything to arrive! We use our kitchens often and the last thing you want is to demo your existing cabinets only to find our there is a 4 weeks delay on your new ones. Some things are out of your control--a good contractor will set you up for success.

Custom mill work to match kitchen cabinetry. Westport Modern (2019)




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